Security Consulting

T1S is an IT Security company, with all of our services and solutions built around being as secure as possible while still being user friendly. Members of our team have over 15 years of security experience, ranging from small 1 day projects to multiple months deploying Security Operations Centre technology. The depth of our expertise allows us to advise our clients across a wide range of solutions helping them to enhance their IT infrastructure.

Our expertise can help take your IT further and add value to your business.

Knowing how security is used and can be used in Virtualisation, EndPoint Protection and Network Infrastructure provides our clients with a unique service. Even if we cant provide the technology you need we can still help and advise on the best strategy for your business.

Our Specialist Areas


WatchGuard Firewalls

We have been working with WatchGuard products for over 15 years and have former instructors in our team, which gives us valuable insight into the best way to use these products in your network. The combination of Firewalls and Wi-Fi products provides a complete suite of protection for your network.

Juniper Networks

As with WatchGuard we have been wokring with Juniper for over 15 years and also have former instructors in our team. We have experience with both new and old versions of their Firewalls and also Switches. This knowledge enables us to provide advice and products to cover all aspects of your network.

End-Point Protection

Panda Adaptive Defence

Panda is a new product from WatchGuard. As well as selling Adaptive Defence we can provide advice, design, implementation and support no matter the size of your business

WatchGuard DNSWatchgGo

DNSWatchGo is one of the best ways to protect your employees while not in the office. We can provide pricing, advice and support on configuration..



We have over 10 years of working with ArcSight on various small and large scale deployments both in the UK and around the world. We are able to offer extensive design and install services as well as hosted environments through our MSSP offerings.


Q-Radar is a valued addition to our portfolio. Members of our team are former instructors of Q-Radar and have taught courses in the UK and Europe giving us valuable insight into design and implementation.